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"An exhibition dedicated to my family and friends of shipbuilding days, and to the unnamed thousands who toiled in brutal conditions to build the most fearsome, most beautiful and largest moving objects in human history."

"Airplanes are ideas. That's their genesis. Ideas weigh nothing. Da Vinci's sketches of omnithopters and parachutes never weighed more than the paper they were drawn on. But ideas implemented, ideas applied, gain weight. They are heavier than air but they fly."

"Dedicated to a generation subjected to the horrors and brutality of aerial bombardment.....These pages contain a short history of the Clydebank Blitz with archive photographs.... Extracts from the Blitz exhibition in images and the personal accounts of victims."

"As an artist I am motivated by creation..but I am drawn by a strange fascination for destruction... I find it ironical that the sea which gave life to the earth, should harbour in its depths the deadliest and most destructive weapon in the history of mankind."

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