Beardmore Sculpture

Living Memory Project

The Ramiiles Association and Councillors of West Dumbartonshire Council on the day of their visit to the sculpture Children from the Dalmuir Out of School Care Group

The Beardmore Sculpture not only represents our past but will contain hopes for the future. The Ramillies is also designed to be a time capsules reaching 50 years into the future. Children from the Dalmuir Out of School Care Group have written and made drawings on the subject of “My Hopes and Dreams for the Future which will be placed in the ship.

Two sets capsules will be enclosed in the ship*, a 25 year and a 50 year set. The children will be in their mid 30’s when the first capsule is opened and in their mid 50’s when the second is opened. The Dalmuir community and the greater community were invited to take part in the project.

Tom Mckendrick stated..."It is important that the sculpture belongs to our citizens and spans the history of the community it represents. We want people to contribute to the sculpture so that they became a part of it. The offer to make a contribution was made to any group or individual interested. Contributions took the form letters to grandchildren, keepsakes, thoughts, observations, photographs or personal reflections."

The Ramillies Association were invited to take part in the project. Mick French the Secretary of the HMS Ramillies Association said “ Our members have been greatly moved by the invitation to take part in the Living Memory Project. “We all understandably have a great affection the ship. As the years go by sadly our numbers diminish. The sculpture will be an ever present tribute to people who ‘served’ and who will not be forgotten.”

Below are listed the recipients of donations to the time-bank of the Living Memory Project. The names are listed randomly. The addresses of the recipients have been removed for data protection. They are listed and stored at a safe location with contact and disposal instructions. These will be issued one month prior to the projects end on the 25 September 2035.


Time Capsule - 25 years

Pamela Graham
Jennifer Graham
Duncan Graham
David Agnew
Morgan Agnew
Struan Agnew
Jennifer McGuigan
Michael McGuigan
Jason S P Davis
Emma S Davis
Caitlin Dallas
Jack Cairns
Jodie Cullen
Natasha Mackay
Elaine Kelly
Lorraine Browning
Alexis Beattie
Yvonne Mathieson
Karen O’ Neill
Joseph Craig
Joanna Collatin
Riya Kapur
Kian Mackie
Connor Somerville
Josh Murray
Ryan Kelly
Jessica Konstantinou
Jackie Konstantinou
Zachary Evans
Lewis Boyle
Simone - Sunflower Nursery
Holly - Sunflower Nursery
Ruth - Sunflower Nursery
Erin Gemmell
Anya Kapur
Jana Elafi
Lewis MacDonald
Rachel Keegan
Connor Greig
Ruby Lang
Kelly - Sunflower Nursery
Amy McPhelim
Jamie McGrory
Lucy Bissell
Jamie Morton
Melanie McDaid
Morgan Turnbull
Fiona Heffron
Marc Sibbald
Jessica Boyle
Anna Christie
Max Wilson
Lucy Tolland
Brooke Brennan
Katie McDonald
Max Ryan
Darcy Smith
Orla Hodgeson
Leo Szolowski
Euan Maclean
Shannon Connolly
Robert Brown
Katie Davidson
Freya McKay
Heidi Smith
Louis Murray
Liam Connor
Matthew Connor
Lewis Cramb
Nicole Wilkie
Jack Long
Luca Shirra
Beth Maclean
Anne Latimer
Lisa Girasoli
Naomi Wood
Kirsty Murdoch
Rebecca Taylor
Lauren Ferrier
Jennifer Milne
Janice Kerrigan
Susannah Turnbull
Nicola Hunter
Lyndsey McIntosh
Jenna Whitfield
Susan Greig
Marion McLellan
Lauren Brodie
Alison Simpson
Claire Corigan
Natalie Johnstone
Karine McCool
For general interest
Holly Stanley
Max Stanley
For General Interest
For the survivor of Gary Earl
Rachel Mckendrick
Lauren Mckendrick
Thomas Brown
Jeanette Brown
Debbie Dolan
Daniel Dolan
For general interest
Katie McCready
Camryn Dorman
Caroline Dorman
Susan Dick
Gary Cameron
Andrew Cameron
Nuala Devlin
Emma Buist
Louise Buist
Nathan James Daly


Time Capsule - 50 years

Dylan Klugherz
Ryan Klugherz
Sophia Klugherz
Kimberley Wilson
General Interest
Pamela Graham
Duncan Graham
Jennifer Graham
For general interest
Jennifer McGuigan and her family
Michael McGuigan and his family
Alfie Lane

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